Financial Aid

Our full-time graduate students are supported through a mix of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships. We also have several forms of summer support, and some of our graduate students have held internships outside academia. In addition, we strongly encourage and financially support the participation of our students in summer workshops and the presentation of their research articles at professional meetings. Graduate teaching assistantships for first-year students in the math department currently provide a stipend of $18,703 per academic year and come with reduced campus fees.

The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship

The mission of the Self Graduate Fellowship is to identify, recruit, and provide development opportunities for exceptional Ph.D. students who demonstrate the promise to make significant contributions to their fields of study and society as a whole. The Department of Mathematics selects nominees for the Self Graduate Fellowship based on both academic excellence and leadership potential. Fellows receive a stipend of $32,000 each year for four years, plus tuition, fees and health insurance costs. If you meet the fellowship eligibility,  contact Prof. Geng Chen, Graduate Admissions Director. The program is limited to US citizens.

Dean’s Doctoral Fellowships

The fellowship is to be awarded to one incoming doctoral student in Mathematics. It is a five-year fellowship with the first and fifth year Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) appointments and Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) appointments during the years 2, 3. Fellows receive a stipend (ranging between $20,000-$27,500) plus resident rate tuition and required fees for up to five years of doctoral study.

University Graduate Fellowships

The Department of Mathematics hopes to award a First-Year University Graduate Fellowship to an incoming, domestic doctoral student from an underrepresented group this coming Fall. The goal of the University Graduate Fellowships is to prepare doctoral students as innovators and leaders who are ready to meet the demands of the academy and our global society. The University Graduate Fellow will receive a one-year appointment as a Graduate Research Assistant, with no teaching responsibilities, and receive a stipend of $25,000 plus tuition and fees. We expect to support the Fellow as a Graduate Teaching Assistant starting in his or her second year in the program.

Summer Research Fellowships

Thanks to the generosity of friends and alumni of the Department of Mathematics, we are able to offer summer support to PhD students. In general, students who have passed the departmental qualifying exams and remain in good academic standing are eligible for up to three years of summer support, at approximately $3,200 per student per year.